Modern Vintage Radio provides podcasting services to independent creators, brands, organizations and companies with the following:


Need help planning your podcast content, organizing your workflow or launching your podcast? How about optimizing your podcast for better audience reach?

We love helping others share their voice and mission with the world, but we can’t hop on a ‘Can I pick your brain?’ kind of call. Our consulting service provides you with our 100% attention, strategies and personalized support for your show.

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Getting your podcast discovered by an audience is more than just publishing on podcast directories. If you’re not attracting the audience (and size) you had hoped for, our podcast optimization services will help!

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Need to move your podcast to a different media hosting solution and want to make sure you don’t lose your listeners or content? This done-for-you safe migration takes away that stress and your show will go on without a hiccup.


Just about ready to share your podcast with the world and want to launch with a bang? Our podcast launch plan will take you from episode files on a computer to episodes live on podcast directories available across the world.

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Hosting an event and looking for a podcasting expert to talk about podcasting, share the best practices and insights? Going on seven years of podcasting experience, Addy Saucedo can present on the following topics about podcasting:

  • Content Planning

  • Workflow

  • RSS

  • Optimization for audience discoverability

  • Gear

  • Audio Software

  • Podcast Community

  • Podcast media hosting

  • Marketing

  • Archiving

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Workshop Training

There are many great reasons for wanting to have a podcast for your brand, school, company or organization. If you would like to have a complete podcasting workshop for your business, you’ve come to the right place!

Here’s what’s included (but not limited to):

  • Content Creation

  • Hands on with gear

  • Hands on with software and podcast services

  • Launch plan

  • Marketing plan

  • Branding plan

  • In-person collaboration

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